What is Wonderful Foundations’ (WF) mission?
Our mission is to create incredible foundations for learning that can uplift kids’ lives. We believe the spaces where kids learn can make all the difference in how they develop and who they become. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping charter schools create the best possible environments for their students.


Is WF an IRS 501c3 organization?
Yes. As a 501C3 public charity, your donations are tax deductible.


Where does WF get the money to help schools?
Funds to purchase the properties were generated by the sale of tax-exempt and taxable revenue bonds. Thus we eliminate the landlords these schools once paid rent to, and turn the schools into owners with a real stake in their physical spaces. By transforming monthly rent payments into mortgage payments, we create equity for the schools, and generate cash savings.


How does WF help its schools?
Because the interest rate on the bonds is below commercial lending rates, there is additional cash available to help our schools. Wonderful provides grants to our schools for both program and capital needs. Once our bond payments are complete (35 years), each property will be “sold” to the tenant charter school for $1. We estimate that an excess of $1 billion will have been gifted back to the schools.


Where does the money go when I donate to your organization?
Every dollar goes directly to the schools. From fixing up old school buildings to building a new playground, your donation will fund important projects that transform broken schools into safe learning spaces. You may also direct which specific school you would like your donation to help.


How can my school partner with Wonderful?
If you’re a school administrator currently renting your building, contact us to see how you can join the Wonderful Foundations family.