The Wonderful Foundations Story

Wonderful Foundations Beginnings 

Wonderful Foundations seeks to change the way kids experience school. Even the most talented teachers cannot effectively educate kids if the learning environment is not sound, safe and supportive. We set out to purchase buildings that house charter schools, and then help them get what they need to become nourishing spaces for education. We offer schools funding to improve their buildings, buy equipment for learning and exploration, and to create spaces where every kid feels encouraged to receive and exchange ideas.  

We’re working to change the way kids experience school, by giving charter schools the money they need to become nourishing spaces for education. 

Our approach

We identified a problem with the way schools are funded. When governments pay for public school, they rarely pay 100% of what is needed to maintain the buildings and create opportunities for engaging, well-rounded learning. This forces schools to put energy and resources into fundraising endlessly, year after year. We saw a new, more efficient way for schools to gain the funding they need by creating a partnership between investors, the government and the generosity of the public. 

WF borrows money to purchase charter school buildings – and then closely works with each school as more of a partner vs as a typical landlord. WF sets aside a portion of the rent received to better the schools in the form of i) annual grants to support the education needs of students and ii) capital improvements. This money, combined with public donations from people like you, is used for essential upgrades that can transform the experiences of the kids who learn there.

Plus, to further give schools a stake in their physical spaces, WF fully intends to transfer the title of the buildings to the charter schools when the acquisition financing is paid off (approximately 35 years from the start of the partnerships). This is so important to WF that we included it as a fundamental tenant of our tax exempt mission to the IRS.

Wonderful Foundations by the Numbers


$ Raised


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A new kind of 501C3 Charity

Since we raise all the money we need to purchase schools and fund the day-to-day operation of the foundation through our bond offerings, we’re able to use every single dollar we raise from the public to create better learning environments. Each tax-deductible charity donation will go directly towards improving the schools we partner with, impacting the lives of these students for the better.