Every child has unlimited potential.

Charter schools spark wonder and feed curiosity.

By meeting students exactly where they are and tailoring the educational experience to their particular needs, charter schools offer a proven path for kids from all walks of life to reach their full potential. Wonderful Foundations is a charitable organization dedicated to making charter school education available to kids across the nation.

Charter schools offer a better solution.

Freed from the constraints of the traditional model, charter schools have generated proven results, Why? Because charter schools teach to the individual child and offer parents a better choice. Through innovative curricula taught by dedicated teachers, charter schools educate the whole child and give them tools for a bright future.

$500 can make the difference of a lifetime.

By opening the door for individual donors to directly support charter schools and their students across the country, we’ve laid the groundwork for a permanent and frictionless source of funding for charter schools. The promise is simple: We can put any child from any walk of life through the charter school of their choice — from kindergarten through high school graduation — for $500.


Students in charter schools across the country.


Students on charter school waiting lists.


Donation to fund one child’s charter school education.

Co-Founders Stuart Ellis and Troy Snyder share a singular vision.

Stuart and Troy believe that charter schools offer rich and rewarding academic experiences that unlock unlimited possibilities for individual students. Stuart and Troy have launched Wonderful Foundations to provide an unlimited, no-cost funding source for charter schools to ensure their ongoing sustainability and unfettered growth.

Ready to support a better future?

We’re raising $10M to support kids in charter schools across the nation for the 2018-2019 school year. We welcome any size donation to support this groundbreaking cause.