We Are Wonderful Foundations 

We create safe, nourishing spaces where kids can exchange ideas and prosper

We believe the spaces where kids learn can make all the difference in who they become. Thats why were dedicated to helping charter schools create the best possible environments for their students. From purchasing and upgrading school buildings themselves, to raising charter school funds for the things kids need to grow and thrive in their education, our mission is to create incredible foundations for learning that can uplift kid’s lives. 




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Charter Schools


Education needs a strong foundation to thrive

Kids need places and spaces where they can focus, feel safe, ask questions, explore ideas and engage with each other. When school buildings are broken, unsafe, overcrowded, or outdated, the act of learning is forced to compete with these physical realities. We believe in integrating thoughtful approaches to education with nourishing, intentional spaces designed to support and engage kids throughout their school journey. By doing so, we can create curious, confident, self-assured humans that will fulfill their vision of a successful adulthood. 

Our Philosophy


Every Dollar Goes Directly to Schools 

From fixing up old school buildings to building a new playground, your donation will fund important projects that transform broken schools into safe learning spaces.

By giving to Wonderful Foundations, youre helping to create richer and more nurturing learning environments for children in underserved communities.As a 501C3 public charity, your donations are tax deductible, and through our unique approach, every single dollar is given to schools who need it.