Wonderful Foundations
Grant Application

Welcome to Wonderful Foundations’ online grant application.

Who is eligible to apply for a grant?

Only schools already partnered with Wonderful Foundations are eligible to apply for a grant. Click HERE to see a list of our schools.

What types of projects are eligible to be funded?

Our mission is to create incredible foundations for learning that can uplift kids’ lives. We fund projects that support this mission from our partner schools.

What projects will not be supported?

Wonderful Foundations generally will not approve grant funding for: general support, existing deficits, for individuals, or non-secular activities. If you have any questions about a project and its eligibility, please contact us.

Do you accept unsolicited proposals?

No, at this time we are only accepting solicited proposals. Please fill out the application only if you have spoken to a staff member already (even if you are a Wonderful Foundations’ partner school).

How do you notify schools of a decision?

Applicants will receive an email confirmation of receipt of the grant application. All further information related to your request will be communicated via email as well.

What if I have additional questions about the grantmaking process?

Please click here to send an email inquiry – or feel free to call your staff contact.


Once you click “Submit” on the grant application, you will not be able to make any edits, so please ensure that the information provided is complete and accurate before you submit it.

Thank you for your application – we look forward to receiving it!

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