Charter schools have had to do more with less.

Charter schools currently serve about 6% of the total K-12 student population, often with fewer resources than public schools. One study revealed that charter schools receive an average of 19% less public money per pupil than traditional public schools receive, or about $2,247 less per pupil.

In spite of the financing challenges, parents are increasingly choosing this educational path for their children. In fact, more than a million students across the nation are currently sitting on charter school waiting lists. With only 7,000 charter schools available, the current infrastructure simply can’t keep up.

An educational model for the future.

Co-founder Stuart Ellis wrestled with this reality and identified a breakthrough solution. He recognized that if a funding model could be constructed that supported public dollars and private funding with philanthropic, crowdsourced donations, charter schools would have a more solid foundation for permanent growth.

Through this philanthropic model, we can provide a new stream of funding for charter schools and the innovative educations they provide children across the nation.