Two founders.One passion.

Stuart and Troy work to improve the quality of life of those they reach. Here, they share a singular mission to make an innovative public charter school experience available to every child across the nation – and around the globe. Stuart and Troy’s vision led to the creation of Wonderful Foundations. Troy leads the Wonderful Foundations Board of Director’s work to turn their vision into every child’s reality.

Stuart and Troy believe

  • That children are best served where they are – whether they are in urban or rural environments.
  • That children have individual needs and passions – from the arts to sports to STEM to ESL to honors English.
  • That charter schools offer the most innovative and efficient way to educate our children.
  • That charter schools deserve permanent funding support from public, private, and philanthropic organizations.

Meet Stuart Ellis.

A life-long entrepreneur and visionary, Stuart has found his calling by innovating financial models to fund a better way of educating our children.

After graduating from UC-Berkeley, Stuart signed on with Bain & Company for two years where he learned the fundamentals of the business world. He then joined the team at Upper Deck, a fast-growth start-up that had spiked to $100M in revenues in three short years. Stuart quickly established his leadership capabilities and became president of the memorabilia division where he drove 4x growth.

In 2003, Stuart moved to Portland, Oregon where he joined Opera Solutions at its inception. Leading multi-national teams, Stuart pioneered new approaches to behavioral modeling and statistical analysis, which resulted in remarkable, rapid-profit growth for clients. These first-to-market models generated more than $300 million in profit in one year for Wachovia alone.

But still, Stuart was restless. Through conversations with longtime friends, Stuart learned about charter schools and the revolutionary model they offered for a broken public education system. Freed from the constraints of the traditional model, charter schools delivered innovative and customized educational experiences for each student. The problem was, charter schools were woefully underfunded.

Stuart was intrigued. What if he created a financial model that provided a reliable and flexible pipeline of capital for charter schools? Everyone said it couldn’t be done. But Stuart wouldn’t take no for an answer. Stuart realized that if he combined the per-pupil public funding with private financing, he could unlock a whole new way of funding charter schools. And just like that, Charter School Capital was born.

Since the company’s inception in 2006, Stuart and his dynamic team have delivered over $1.6 billion in funding to more than 600 charter schools, changing the lives for 800,000 public school students across the country. The company’s rapid rise garnered attention and in 2011, Stuart was named Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year.”

Stuart’s ambition is now to fund the “missing link” through Wonderful Foundations in order to provide unending streams of funding for charter schools. By arriving at the trifecta funding model of public dollars combined with private funding combined with philanthropic donations, Stuart is excited to see what lies ahead.

Meet Troy Snyder.

Troy Snyder has an extensive corporate background. Most recently, Troy served as Vice President and Executive Producer at Akamai where he was responsible for the company’s media ecosystem. Using Akamai web-based solutions, Troy was a driving force behind developing international brands and destinations.

Previously, Troy served as Chief Executive Officer and President of Nine Systems Corporation. Prior to this post, Troy co-founded ClickHear Productions, a streaming and hosting company that was acquired by CMGi in 2000. In addition, Troy helped create and launch Stream OS as Division Manager for NaviSite’s Streaming Media Group.

From 1994 to 2000, Troy was part of a group that founded CONNECTnet, an ISP that was acquired by Allegiance Telecom. During this time, Troy was based in London and consulted to multinational marketing teams on business plan executions.

Troy has deep expertise in event production, having served as Executive Transmedia Producer on the 2010 FIFA World Cup, the 2010 Winter Olympics, the world-renowned “Hope for Haiti,” and the Michael Jackson Memorial Service. Troy has served as Director of Abacast, Inc. since 2011.

Troy has a BA in Economics from the State University of New York and studied international business in London. In addition, Troy participated in the New Venture Management Program at Clark University’s Business School.